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IPv6 is here now at LCR!
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IPv6 is the new addressing scheme for Internet Computers. Even if you have no idea what it is or why you need it. Your  website needs to have IPv6. As your customers get IPv6 connectivity, your website will load slower if it does not have an IPv6 address.  All websites at LCR have IPv6 addresses NOW!

Not that IPv4 is bad, but the world is running short of available IPv4 address. On Feb 3, 2011, IANA (Internet Address and Naming Authority) gave out the last /8's in IPv4 address space during the recent NANOG(North America Network Operators Group) convention in Miami, Florida.

IANA is an international organization that is in charge of Internet addresses and top level domain names. There was a plan in place that when IPv4 /8 space(number.x.x.x in IPv4 addressing) was down to 5 left, they would be automatically handed out. One to each of the Regional Internet Registries(ARIN,APNIC, RIPE, AfriNIC, LACNIC).

The online world needs to move to IPv6 in order to support more smart phones and for more people throughout the world to have Internet access. LCR is ready and able to make your website visible on IPv6 address space now! And our IPv6 connectivity is not via a tunnel connection either, LCR has native IPv6 connectivity from our upstream provider.

We still have some more work to do on full IPv6 connectivity for email, but our mail servers are ready to serve any IPv6 connected clients now. We need some help from our mail filter vender before we can accept email from other ISP's via IPv6.

To find out more about our hosting and email services, just email us at support@lcrcomputer.com or call us at 815 338-1072.

LCR is committed to providing the best e-mail and webhosting services possible. After you see the advantages of LCR's personalized attention, we hope that you'll encourage your friends and associates to give LCR a call for their e-mail and web hosting needs.


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